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We are passionate about successful programs that build organisational capability. The type of information you need can be found in the following templates:

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Program Status (Word 2003+)
Program Status (Word 2007+)


We are speaking at a number of events on Strategy-to-Execution, Countering Program Failure, Sponsorship, Governance, Leadership and Stakeholder Partnership with our industry bodies. Check out their calendars and look forward to seeing there!


We have captured some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Our online webinar will provide you with the philosophy behind SXP and show you how others are using SXP.

'SXP' is visual program roadmap software for IT-Enabling change. 'SXP' provides the visual 'navigation' for the successful delivery of IT-Enabling change.

This visual program software enables you to build stakeholder partnerships which are critical for the successful delivery of change.'SXP' enables you to PLAN, NAVIGATE, COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE with stakeholders.

IT-Enabling change programs link strategy, business change and technology. They have a wider focus on Stakeholder Partnership and include changes to information, organization, people, processes, and technology.

As SXP is SAAS and is in the cloud, no special software is needed.

Our users love using 'SXP', so a trial is restricted in timeframe only. We believe you will love it too!