SXP is a visual
Execution Roadmap
software for
implementing strategy


‘SXP’ is powerful Execution Roadmap software for implementing strategy. SXP has been designed to enable you to visually collaborate with the business and stakeholders.

The Execution Roadmaps provide clear visibility to steer the program through the journey of strategy-to-execution, manage the impacts to the organisation and minimise the business risk.

Whether your strategy is building new products, services or business capability, the visual Execution Roadmaps put you at the helm!

Practical Practitioner Workshops

Successful program strategy execution requires a significant paradigm shift for most organisations. It requires organisations define a program strategy, design the future operating model and organise work around customer value and time-to-market. Our Strategy-to-Execution Process has five major steps:

Creating the five program strategies (Program, Sourcing, Stakeholder Engagement, Data, Transition) and the Sponsorship Governance Framework
  1. Creating the Execution Roadmaps
  2. Organisation buy-in
  3. Strategy releases
  4. Measuring and communicating the Strategy-to-Execution progress and achievements

Our passion is seeing you succeed, so we have packaged our knowledge into a Strategy-to-Execution workshop series. These have received enthusiastic reviews!


The Handbook, “Closing the Gap: Strategy-to-Execution” – A handbook for the successful implementation of strategy” Macdougall (2017)

We are currently writing our handbook, to guide you though Strategy-to-Execution, building the fundamentals of Sponsorship, Stakeholder Partnership and Change Leadership required for success.

Implementation Services Partners

Strategy-to-Execution requires:

  • Change Leadership for change led delivery
  • Practices, methods and tools that provide transparency and support an agile, dynamic environment
  • Continual investigation of warning signs or early indicators

Whether you are establishing or re-establishing a program, or a project, Strategy-to-Execution process will increase your success rate of strategy implementation.

Our services and products for the Strategy Execution process can be provided to you by expert advisory services or delivered through the workshop series. We want to share our knowledge with you to increase program/project success rates!